HR 4 C's

RK Creative guides the client towards adopting a strong human resource foundation through the company's commitments to confidentiality, compliance, culture and communications.


HR Functions

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RK Creative believes in setting up the human resource infrastructure with building blocks that support one another.


HR Improvements

RK Creative works with you to determine areas requiring enrichment and how to reboot programs for effectiveness and improvement, including human resource compliance audits.

HR Service Highlights

RK Creative offers al a carte human resource services based on your business needs; whether you are a start-up, revamping your organization, growing, maintaining or moving on, RK Creative offers a plethora of services for you.

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HR Audit

HR Audits look into your current compliance and practices and develops a comprehensive report highlighting areas of improvement.

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Systems Review looks at your current HR systems and how they work together in creating efficiencies and redundancy.



Recruiting encompasses how to increase your outreach efforts from a review of your current goals, accomplishments, policies and procedures.

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Benefits 
  • Compensation
  • Compliance (state, federal and/or local)
  • Culture Development & Review
  • Day-to-day HR duties during times of need
  • Employee Handbook Development & Updates
  • Employee Relations
  • FLSA Review
  • HR Strategies
  • Interviewing
  • Investigations
  • Job Descriptions
  • Offer Letter Management
  • Orientation & On-boarding
  • Organizational Development
  • Payroll Processing for small companies
  • Performance Management
  • Policies and Procedure Development & Review
  • Pre-employment
  • Separation Management
  • Staffing Compendiums
  • System Implementation
  • Training, Management Training & HR Training
  • Vendor Selection


Disclaimer: RK Creative Solutions provides consulting services only, does not offer legal advice and is not an attorney.  Please consult with your legal counsel on legal matters.





I was working as an Executive Administrative Assistant to the President (my boss). He initiated a global search for a Human Resource Director.  After many months of searching for the right candidate, he asked to meet me in the conference room.  He pointed to two behavioral assessments and said, “these are my final two HRD candidates and you are one of them”. He offered me the job and I told him I would “make it or break it within six months" and would do everything in my power to be successful.  My career in human resources began in 1993 when my dream became a reality. I will forever be grateful for that decision! It launched my career as a leader in Human Resources for a variety of industries including, Industrial Banking and MasterCard Operations, Technology, Sales & Service, Property Management and Hospitality and Luxury Resort Management.

I've enjoyed working with many different people from all over the world throughout my career in Human Resources.  There are two characteristics I find in common regardless of the language a person may speak.  These are "smiles" and "laughter".  You can feel the human connection when you experience these.  My opportunities in human resources have made my life richer because of the people I've met, the relationships built and the things I've learned. To me HR is based on "human respect" and when it's present in business the unimaginable becomes imaginable!

I am an HR Professional with over 20+ years of human resource experience working alongside business leadership to architect and implement a wide-range of human resource initiatives from start-up to fruition.  I have a strong strategic and generalist skill set with recent projects consisting of HR Assessments to identify business areas of improvement for a growing multi-state organization, crafting leadership compensation plans, preparing recruiting strategy training for a growing company, developing employee handbooks for a variety of states, assistig with the revamping of a company and building their HR from A-Z.  Check out my experience at